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The Process


Working with a counsellor is an opportunity for you to talk about what is troubling you.  For example, emotional

problems such as depression, guilt, anger, anxiety, jealousy, panic attacks, fears and phobias, low

self confidence are mainly psychological in nature.  That is to say, most emotional problems are learned.


They are bad habits, which are learned as we grew up.  We were taught how to feel angry, guilty, depressed

and how to worry ourselves to the point that we bite our nails, develop insomnia, or are afraid to leave our homes.


Counselling and hypnotherapy can be undertaken separately and can be integrated appropriately.  As a therapist

I work with you, using the approach that you require and which we agree would be the most beneficial to you.

Central to my work are the Core Conditions of empathy, acceptance and honesty.


I provide a safe, quiet confidential space for you to bring all your problems, thoughts and feelings and to be

listened to.  By entering into Counselling you will give yourself the power to change your perspectives,

feelings, emotions and your behaviour.  I will guide you in an empathic, patient, non-judgemental

way, and help you to find the direction in which you want to proceed.


You will have a chance to resolve inner conflicts

You will gain insight about yourself and how you may impact on others

You will resolve issues from the past impacting on your life now, through Counselling and Hypnotherapy

You will become more self aware

You will lead a more fulfilling life

You can be freed from fears, phobias and addictions

You can be released from depression and many anxiety disorders


Many more problems and issues can be helped and even resolved fully by clinical hypnosis and counselling combined.